New festival for VISual PODium arts FOR YOUNGSTERS and (perverted) CHILDREN

A brand new festival for visual stage arts.

From the 3rd till the 6th of January 2019, the festival centre of PodVis is the place to be.
Figures, puppets and objects haunt several stages in an exquisite selection of stage shows for an audience of varied ages. Seasoned companies, both home-based and international, and young creators present their work. Audiences are invited to participate in several activities in the fringe programme. They might even admire their self-made workshop creations in an exhibition.

PodVis is an initiative of Beeldsmederij De Maan, Ultima Thule, FroeFroe and  Cultuurcentrum Mechelen.


With national and international shows by 
FroeFroe / Ultima Thule / Image-smithy DE MAAN / Tof Théâtre / Theater De Spiegel / Objektentheater TAMTAM / Ulrike Quade / O Quel Dommage / ...


an organisation of Beeldsmederij DE MAAN, Ultima Thule, FroeFroe, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen
with the support of 'vzw Tsentroem Prikkelt' 'Mechelen houdt je warm' and 'Mechelen Kinderstad'